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Garlando Olympic Silver Coin Operated Foosball Table (Indoor)

SKU: 26-7916
The Olympic Silver Coin Operated foosball table is the synthesis between two models of great success, World Champion and Olympic. It reproduces the World Champion high tech look, with the black and grey, while replacing the aluminium of this incomparable competition model with an elegant grey with wood veins. From the table with nearly same name,� Olympic Silver has and telescopic safety rods and�the anti-break glass covering the playfield area, bringing the well known advantages of preventing all tampering with the game as well as thefts of balls, reducing the playing noise and keeping the playing area clean.�It is ideal where the table cannot be continuously supervised; the glass covers the playing field preventing any kind of tampering of the game, making it impossible playing free or unduly prolonging the playing. This table therefore guarantees the maximum profitability for the operators.�
  • Heavy duty 1 1/4" thick cabinet constructed from high quality multi-layer plywood coated with plastic laminate
  • The table structure is kept together by metal plates and brackets fastened by screws and bolts for easy replacing of all parts, even the wooden ones.
  • 4" Square metal legs allow the greatest stability on the ground, coated with long-lasting silver painting.�
  • Telescopic safety rods in coated with anti-rust chromium-plating. These are among the best and SAFEST in the industry.
  • Blue and red solid color players in plastic moplen representing a stylized human figure is directly molded onto the bars� They do not move and cannot be displaced and maintain their positions perfectly.
  • Fully rotating goalkeeper (360 degrees).
  • Playing field of green laminated playfield with white lines.
  • Abacus scorers
  • Balls are introduced into the playing field manually through a conveyor placed on the cabinet next to the coin mechanism. The system is completely sealed, to prevent ball theft.
  • The cabinet is covered by a tempered glass, which reduces the noise of the game and makes any game tampering impossible. The glass coverage does not provide a watertight sealing.
  • The cabinet can be opened to reach the inside. Its upper part is kept up by a wooden support bracket which prevents the falling of the same, during maintenance and cash-box emptying: all operations can be carried out with full safety.
  • Detachable playing field: two locks enable to detach the playing field from the cabinet upper part for easy cleaning and parts replacing.
  • Housing for American style square-front push lever coin mechanism included.
  • 10 standard balls included.
  • Assembly required
Outside Dimensions: 61.5"L x 30"W x 38"H
Playfield Dimensions: 47"L x 28"W
Weight: 225 pounds
Garlando Olympic Silver Coin Operated Foosball Table (Indoor)
Garlando Olympic Silver Coin Operated Foosball Table (Indoor) Garlando Olympic Silver Coin Operated Foosball Table (Indoor)
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